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Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design Services

Since we at Daniels & Associates are primarily Chartered Building Surveyors, we have a wealth of experience in understanding the many problems that can arise when undertaking construction works and how these problems can best be avoided at the design stage.  Particular care is therefore taken to ensure that our design drawings not only take on board our Clients’ requirements, but also are sufficiently detailed to effectively convey to any Contractor exactly how various parts of the new-build structure, alteration or refurbishment project should be constructed to avoid problems later, which are often overlooked by other, less experienced designers.  This is, of course, in addition to ensuring compliance with the detailed requirements of modern Building Regulations where these apply.


We have built our reputation on our attention to detail and our drawings are generally more than just documents sufficient to obtain Planning or Building Regulation approval.  They are, in many ways, a specification which will form an important part of any contract between you as the Client and any Contractor you ultimately decide to employ to undertake the proposed building work, to a standard dictated by the drawing details.


For all projects we first of all need to fully understand our Client’s requirements and only then will a draft design be prepared for approval.  Scale drawings are produced using industry-leading software, AutoCAD, which not only enables everything to be drawn to a high level of accuracy, but also allows any changes you may require to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.  Most projects will require Planning and/or Building Regulation approval and Daniels & Associates can advise on these matters, as well as preparing and submitting the applications, including Design & Access Statements where necessary, to the relevant Local Authority.  Once all the necessary statutory approvals have been obtained, of course, Daniels & Associates can fully assist in taking the project forward, both in terms of preparing detailed specifications and contract documents, as well as the associated project management, as detailed on our ‘project management’ page.

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