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Building Surveys (Structural Surveys)

Building Surveys (Structural Surveys)

The purchase of a property, whether residential or commercial, is a major financial step for you to take and it is vital that every precaution is taken before you make the decision to proceed.  Having an independent comprehensive survey carried out by a fully qualified and experienced Chartered Building Surveyor regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), could save you thousands of pounds.


Daniels & Associates are such Surveyors who only prepare fully comprehensive building survey reports of the highest standard (a survey level 3 service as defined by the RICS), because this form of survey report is considered to be in the best interests of our Clients.  When you are making the biggest investment of your life, it is a false economy to select your surveyor and survey format on the basis of price alone.  You should carefully consider the financial risks you are taking if you opt for anything other than a full building survey, which should represent the best value for money and provide you with the level of analytical information you really need.


A detailed building survey is the best way to ensure that the building you are proposing to buy or lease is all that you hope it will be.  Very few buildings, even those that are brand new, are completely free from defects and it is important that these defects and particularly those which may have significant cost implications are properly brought to your attention so that you are able to make an informed decision prior to your purchase.  Which? and The Council of Mortgage Lenders advise you to have a survey carried out before you buy and not to rely on a mortgage valuation.  A valuation is not a survey; it is merely a limited check on the property that your bank or building society surveyor carries out to ensure it’s worth the money they are proposing to lend to you.


A variety of different surveys are offered in the market place and they can vary in quality, both in the report itself and the surveyor carrying out the inspection. All the building surveys undertaken by Daniels & Associates will involve a detailed visual inspection of the property and such a survey is appropriate to all building types and ages.  A comprehensive technical report is produced following inspection, detailing all the defects and all the repairs required in all the structural elements, including the roof areas, roof spaces, walls, chimneys, floors, ceilings, doors, windows and the drainage system.  The report will be property specific and will not incorporate numerous standard clauses which are so often found in inferior survey report formats.  Repair cost estimates, digital photographs of the more important defects and those which may be more difficult to describe in writing, as well as relevant technical data extracts will all be included.

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