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Project Management & Contract Administration

Project Management & Contract Administration

The role of the Project Manager is fundamentally to ensure the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project and Daniels & Associates have the necessary combination of skills, developed over numerous and varied contracts, to meet our Clients’ requirements.  We fully understand that all projects are carried out under constraints, namely cost, time, scope and quality and that these must be embraced with the Client’s expectations as a central theme.  A project will only run smoothly if there is effective communication, organization and problem-solving and these are our core skills, as well as being able to build a good project team with whom we can work based on long-term relationships with many other specialists.

Daniels & Associates can offer a complete project management service, or tailor individual services to meet our Clients’ requirements.  We can take projects right through from their feasibility stage to the end of any defects rectification period, or alternatively provide services during pre-contract, contract or post-contract periods.  We work closely with all other parties involved, including Engineers, main contractors, specialist sub-contractors and Local Authorities to always ensure that high standards of quality and honest communication are maintained throughout any project. 

As a basis for good Project Management, there must be good contract documentation, as well as effective Contract Administration. Carefully worded project-specific specifications for the building works are key, incorporating appropriate contract conditions, including payment provisions, insurances, health and safety requirements, how variations are to be dealt with, a defined defects rectification period and liquidated damages which will become payable in the unlikely event that the contractor runs overtime without reasonable excuse. 

The new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, which came into force on 6th April 2015, now impose further duties on domestic clients, as well as contractors acting for them.  New regulations 4 and 5 set out the Client’s duty to make suitable arrangements for managing a project and maintaining and reviewing them for its duration so that it is carried out in a way that manages the health and safety risks involved.  In the case of all domestic projects involving more than one contractor, these regulations now require the Client to appoint a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor and to make sure that they carry out their duties.  New regulation 7, however, sets out provisions which limit the extent to which domestic clients must carry out the client duties in CDM 2015. 

Daniels & Associates have a Certified Member of the Association for Project Safety who has the experience to act as Principal Designer in control of the pre-construction phase of the project and to undertake the duties imposed by the CDM Regulations, in addition to the roles of Project Manager and Contract Administrator.

As Principal Designers on a domestic project, Daniels & Associates will produce the necessary Pre-Construction Information Pack to highlight the main health and safety issues in connection with the proposed works and to form the basis for the appointed Principal Contractor to develop his proposals for managing these issues.  This will include among other things design risk assessments of foreseeable hazards, the action taken at the design stage to reduce the impact of these hazards and the further control measures the Contractor should take to reduce the residual risk.  We will liaise with the Principal Contractor for the duration of the project and prepare a ‘Health & Safety File’ during the pre-construction phase, as required by regulation 12, review and update this file from time to time during the course of the project and submit the file to the Client on completion.  The health and safety file will provide important information about the project that is likely to be needed to ensure health and safety during any subsequent work, such as maintenance, cleaning, refurbishment or demolition. 

A standard form of contract, such as those produced by the Joint Contracts Tribunal, is typically adopted to formalize all these matters and a professional consultant such as ourselves, familiar with the various contract provisions, is required to advise on and administer the terms of the contract.  In addition to formulating the contract documentation, Daniels & Associates are able to source specialist suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as obtain quotations from experienced and reputable contractors, with whom we have built up long-term relationships and oversee the construction work to ensure compliance with the agreed specification, detailed drawings and any statutory requirements. This invariably ensures that contracts are completed on time, within budget and, most importantly, to our Clients’ satisfaction.

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