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Subsidence Investigations

Subsidence Investigations

Daniels & Associates generally recommend that an initial visual inspection is carried out of the evidence of any cracking or distortion you may have noticed more recently in your property, to enable advice to be given on whether the cracks or distortion are in fact caused by subsidence or differential foundation movement and what, if any, further investigations may be required to confirm the precise cause and, where applicable, to substantiate an insurance claim. 


Where subsidence is confirmed, Daniels & Associates will undertake appropriate on-site investigations, which may include the extraction of relevant soil samples below the affected foundations or ground floor slab, followed by laboratory analysis, will carefully consider the effect of any nearby trees or leaking drains, advise on whether or not an insurance claim would be appropriate and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective remedial action.  Level and crack monitoring can be undertaken, as necessary, to confirm whether or not any structural movement is ongoing, a detailed repair specification produced for the works agreed and tenders sought from reputable contractors. 


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Subsiding wall foundations exposed

Floor slab subsidence

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