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Conditions of using our website

1. This website supports the company described within these conditions, we are going to make reference to this company as the ‘Website’.

2. A variety of intellectual property rights are employed in and concerning this website, such as:

a. the actual trademarks and logos within the Website;

b. the style, text, graphics as well as other content of the web pages on this web site, as well as all the web addresses connected with those web pages; and

c. all the software included in relation to this website.

3. The Company Website is either the owner or the sanctioned licensee of those intellectual property rights.

Regarding these conditions

4. Should you gain access to or make use of any part of this website you consent to these conditions. If you don’t want to consent to these conditions, don’t access or make use of this website.

5. We might alter these conditions at any time with out providing you with notice. Please check these conditions every once in awhile for any modifications. By continuing to make use of the website you consent to all the new changes we create to these conditions.

By using this website

6. We gather and make use of data in keeping with our Privacy Policy. By using this website, you consent to the way in which we gather and make use of your details.

7. You can’t use this website:

a. for any illegal reason;

b. to deliver spam;

c. to hurt, endanger, misuse or harass another person, or in a way that invades someone’s privacy or is (within our reasonable judgment) offensive or is unacceptable or even harmful to us, our clients or vendors;

d. to generate, check, confirm, update or modify your personal or somebody else’s data source, records, directories, client lists, mailing or prospecting lists;

e. to tamper with, up-date or modify any part of the website;

f. in a manner that affects how it’s run;

g. in a manner that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionably significant burden upon us or our suppliers’ communications and technical systems as determined by us; or

h. making use of any automatic methods to monitor or copy the website or its content, or even interfere with or endeavor to interfere with the way the website functions.


8. You operate the website at your own risk.

9. You shouldn’t depend upon the website for help and advice.

10. In terms of the relevant laws permit, we don’t guarantee that:

a. there won’t be any issues with the way you operate the website; or

b. the pc or host you use to log on to the website is free of viruses or other damaging programs.

Limitations to our liability

11. There is no limit as to the we and also the people who offer our services is going to be liable for if someone dies or is injured as a result of our negligence or because we’ve committed fraud.

12. On no account will the Website, the owner or operator of the website, or any one of their group companies, employees, officers or agents, along with other organisation associated with creating, producing, maintaining or distributing the website be responsible for any loss of:

a. profits;

b. business or business opportunities;

c. savings you anticipate to generate;

d. Goodwill

 e. use of, or corruption to details; or

f. information.

 13. Whenever we don’t stick to these conditions, they’ll simply be responsible for losses you’ve suffered as a primary outcome. We’re not liable to you for any additional losses regardless of whether such losses are due to the fact we’ve not kept to our responsibilities or agreement, as a result of something we’ve carried out or not done in negligence, due to defamatory statements or liability for a product or otherwise on account of:

a. making use of or depending on the website;

b. the inability to use the website;

c. any error, fault, failing to do something, missing data, or virus on the website or maybe it doesn’t work correctly as a result of occurrences beyond our control including (but not restricted to) disruptions to communication and networks and conditions beyond our control;

d. theft, damage of data or someone gaining access to our data, programs or services without having our authorisation;

e. goods, products, services or data obtained through or advertised on any website which we link to from this website; or

f. any data, information, message or any other material that you simply email, post, upload, recreate, send, or else distribute or acquire using the website.

The whole agreement

14. These conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and us in the way you make use of the website. If a court determines that a condition is not appropriate, the remainder of the conditions will still apply.

The law

15. The laws of England and Wales apply to your use of the website and these conditions. We handle the website from within the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, you can get accessibility to the website from other places around the globe. Even though, these places might have different laws from the laws of England and Wales, making use of the website you agree that the laws of England and Wales will apply to every thing concerning you while using the website and also you consent to stick to these laws. We’ve the right to take you to court in the c


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